Our true expertise is designing and building custom basements.  We have experience in all aspects of framing, wiring, insulation, drywall, painting, trim, and finish.  From raw concrete walls to dream build outs we do it all.  For the past 20 years we have designed and built hundreds of basements.  We offer creative solutions that add living space, entertaining areas, extra bedrooms, and new bathrooms.  Transform your basement into the ultimate Man Cave without limitations.  We offer:

  • In-house CAD floor plans and 3D renderings
  • New construction build-outs (no kit panels)
  • Egress window units
  • Custom built bars, serving areas, sit behinds
  • Unique pole wraps
  • Booths, Entertainment Centers
  • Home Theaters, sound proofing, wiring
  • Kitchenettes, bathrooms
  • Home offices, gyms, and specialty rooms
  • Flooring – All types
  • Accent trim, stone work, wainscotting

Budget Consideration –

The first step in a successful basement remodel is establishing a comprehensive plan and budget that matches the scope of the work.  We help identify ways to conserve the budget, while offering unique solutions that deliver what you want in the new finished basement.  Often, we split the project into multiple phases to help manage expenses.

Planning Phase & Detailed Drawings –

3D Renderings
Floor Plan
Floor plan drawings

We begin with detailed construction ready  drawings for your space.  Careful consideration is given so the basement is designed for use today, as well as into the future as your family grows and needs change.  Every detail including door and lighting placement, staircase and window modifications, and future additions are included in the plan.  Taking the time in the planning phase will help identify costs that will be associated with the build (no surprises during construction), reduce construction time because scope is clearly understood, and help plan for future changes or additions.

Framing –

Once plans are complete and approved, we begin framing.  We use wood studs, all 16″ on center on all walls and ceiling soffits.  Pressure treated wood is used wherever framing directly touches the concrete.  Ceiling obstructions and utility systems can sometimes create a challenge for framing requirements, but count on our 20+ years of experience to construct the neatest, cleanest, obstruction free ceiling.


Framing Photo







Electrical Items –

Sconce lights added in low ceilings
Sconces added to low ceilings or due to duct obstructions
Hi low wiring for wall mounted TVs
High and Low power and cable / HDMI installed for wall mounted TV’s

All new electrical outlets and switches will be installed per code and specific to your project.  We always use new breakers and all new wire, not just add on to existing lines.  Appliances and bathrooms all receive dedicated circuits, and we anticipate furniture placement, wall-mounted TV’s, and other items that will require special electric installation.  Most lights will be recessed 6″ can lights strategically spaced throughout the basement.  In areas with low ceilings and or large duct obstructions, we use wall sconces.  All switches in the basement are dimmers so you can control the light intensity.  When our lighting is installed, you will have even lighting with no shadows or dark spots.

At Kingsmill, we pride ourselves in creating a smart electrical and lighting plan for your basement – both current and future needs.  Audio equipment needs and other low voltage wiring is also taken into consideration for a seamless installation of components and special fixtures.  Home theater’s may require platform lighting, sconce lights, and special outlets/switches that allow remote control automation.  We can recommend companies that will create an affordable home theater package for all budgets, or work with your provider to ensure a properly wired theater package.


Custom doors for e-panel
Electrical panels covered with solid hardwood plywood then painted to match the wall
We install low voltage LED lights with multiple colors to light up your bar or entertainment area.


Insulation –

Many new homes will already have insulation in the basement installed by the builder as required by code.  This is often the smallest R-Value while still passing code, and it is fastened directly to the foundation.  We recommend removing that insulation and installing R-13 with vapor barrier.  This new insulation will sit in the 2×4 wall framing, and never touch the foundation walls.  Removing the builder insulation wrap also provides the opportunity to inspect the foundation before construction begins.


Floor to ceiling R-13 insulation with vapor barrier.


Drywall –

Nothing separates a professional basement remodel more than the installation and finish of drywall (wallboard).  Tight seams, staggered boards, and when to use screws over nails are all part of the expert installation and finish of our drywall.  We begin with the largest length of boards that can be loaded into your basement.  This minimizes seams, and time needed to finish this phase of the project.  Unlike many basement remodelers, we chose to install drywall on your ceilings.  Why?  Here are just a few reasons:

  • Reduces noise between first floor and basement
  • Results in higher ceilings (board installed directly to the 1st floor joists)
  • Easier to install can lights (no obstructions for drop ceiling grids)
  • Easy to repair, patch, or replace as needed
  • Does not rattle with home theater subwoofer (drop ceilings do…)
  • Saves money over expensive decorative ceiling tiles and grid work.
We maximize ceiling height and limit sofits when possible
Proper wrap around pole obstructions












Millwork and Trim –

Nearly every basement remodel contains some type of custom trim need.  With our full-service custom cabinet shop, creating one-of-a-kind finish detail is our specialty.  Some examples include support pole wraps, under-stairs storage, bookshelves, display shelves, and of course custom built bars, sit-behind counters, and serving areas.





Built in display shelves

We install fireplaces and build custom surrounds and mantles





















Custom built wainscot panels with beer shelf.


Pole Wraps – From 4-piece to 32-piece decorative wraps

















Custom built bookshelves with fixed or adjustable shelves made to your exact specification

Custom built staircase spindles and posts, or decorative iron.  Count on Kingsmill to deliver that unique finish for your basement.








Typically, there is space remaining next to shower inserts.  We install a cabinet insert for towels and additional storage.  These can often be removed should plumbing need to be serviced in the future.







Storage under stairs – No wasted storage


And finally – Hand built, affordable, fully custom bars.  Each one designed and sized to fit perfectly into your basement.  We create one-of-a-kind signature home bars that add beauty and an exciting place to entertain family and friends.  We have a whole page dedicated to our design and fabrication of our custom home bars.  Please click here for more photos and information.  Nationwide delivery available too!